Women on the Edge- XX Rated

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A social media synopsis of the intricacies of the modern day orgasm

0 likes : 203 views : October 04, 2015

In an attempt to bring my sexual-gratification knowledge base into the 21st century (essential for a writer), I hit the internet. Of course, I encountered a small snag or two like: ‘This site has been nominated for deletion.’ Never one to be deterred...


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ritaabrol October 04, 2015 05:10PM

Hi! Cool. Went through your link. It reminded me, oddly, of something I'd just written: <a href="https://www.jotflow.com/jot/7-Sex-Myths-In-India--Courtesy-Of-Bollywood/1008">7 Sex Myths In India - Courtesy of Bollywood</a> Here's the link in plain text, in case it didn't show up: https://www.jotflow.com/jot/7-Sex-Myths-In-India--Courtesy-Of-Bollywood/1008